91. When was the first battle of Panipat fought?

(A) 21 April 1526 ✅ (B) 21 April 1528 (C) 15 April 1521 (D) 28 April 1529

Answer: (A) 21 April 1526

92. Who laid the foundation of Baoli Sahib at Goindwal?

(A) Guru Amar Das Ji (B) Guru Angad Dev Ji (C) Guru Ram Das Ji ✅ (D) Guru Arjan Dev Ji

Answer: (C) Guru Ram Das Ji

93. Who was the founder of Arya Samaj?

(A) Satguru Ram Singh (B) Baba Sohan Singh (C) Swami Dayanand Saraswati ✅ (D) Ishwar Chandra Vidya Sagar

Answer: (C) Swami Dayanand Saraswati

94. By which amendment the words Socialist, Secular and Integrity of the nation were added to the preamble?

(A) 42nd Amendment ✅ (B) 43rd Amendment (C) 44th Amendment (D) 45th Amendment

Answer: (A) 42nd Amendment

95. Who heads the Council of Ministers?

(A) Prime Minister ✅ (B) Finance Minister (C) President (D) Speaker

Answer: (A) Prime Minister

96. Operation Flood is related to.................

(A) Flooding in India (B) Revolution in milk production ✅ (C) Revolution in poultry (D) Joining of rivers project

Answer: (B) Revolution in milk production

97. In which country is 'Ruhr Valley' situated?

(A) Australia (B) Germany ✅ (C) Japan (D) India

Answer: (B) Germany

98. Where is Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU) situated?

(A) Ludhiana ✅ (B) Amritsar (C) Jalandhar (D) Bathinda

Answer: (A) Ludhiana

99. Which one of the following is not a formal source of credit?

(A) Nationalized Banks (B) Cooperatives (C) Private Banks (D) Mahajans ✅

Answer: (D) Mahajans

100. When is 'National Consumer Day' celebrated in India every year?

(A) 15 August (B) 26 January (C) 24 December (D) 15 March ✅

Answer: (D) 15 March 

101. What was the name of Guru Nanak Dev Ji's wife?

(A) Bibi Rajini (B) Bibi Sulakhani (Correct Answer) (C) Bibi Nanki (D) Bibi Nooran

102. Faizalpuria Misal is known by what other name?

(A) Singhpuria Misal (Correct Answer) (B) Shaheed Misal (C) Bhangi Misal (D) Nakkai Misal

103. When was the second war Anglo-Sikh war fought?

(A) 1842-43 (B) 1845-46 (Correct Answer) (C) 1847-48 (D) 1848-49

104. What is the minimum age to be a member of Rajya Sabha?

(A) 30 years (Correct Answer) (B) 25 years (C) 18 years (D) 20 years

105. Who is the constitutional head of the state?

(A) Governor (Correct Answer)(B) Chief Minister (C) Finance Minister (D) President 

106. What is Mumbai high?

(A) Hill station (B) Oil producing region (Correct Answer) (C) Coal producing belt (D) Metro station

107. Who is responsible for the construction and maintenance of State Highways?

(A) N.H.A.I (B) Public Works Department (Correct Answer) (C) Zila Parishads (D) Union Government

108. Identify the lake shown in the map?

(A) Wular lake (B) Sukhna lake (C) Sambhar lake (Correct Answer) (D) Lonar lake

109. What is the 'Agmark Logo' used for?

(A) Safety Products (B) Jewellery (C) Agricultural Products (Correct Answer) (D) Processed Food

110. The volatility of the Bombay Stock Exchange market is measured by

(A) NIFTY (Correct Answer) (B) SENSEX (C) B.S.E.B. (D) N.S.E.B.

111. What is the name given to Punjab by Greek historians in the Greek language?

(A) Taki (B) Tsekai (C) Pentapotamia Correct (D) Sapta Sindhu

112. Who composed the Zafarnama?

(A) Guru Nanak Dev Ji (B) Guru Teg Bahadur Ji (C) Guru Arjan Dev Ji Correct (D) Guru Gobind Singh Ji

113. Where was Maharani Jindan sent to exile in 1847 AD?

(A) Delhi (B) Banaras Correct (C) Mumbai (D) Lahore

114. Who is the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha by virtue of his position?

(A) President (B) Prime Minister (C) Vice President Correct (D) Finance Minister

115. The word democracy is derived from the words of which language?

(A) English (B) Greek Correct (C) Latin (D) French


116. Which sector uses the largest amount of fresh water?

(A) Domestic (B) Industry  (C) Agriculture Correct                                                                                                   (D) None of the above

117. What are the resources of conventional energy?

(A) Wind & Coal Correct (B) Tides and Solar energy (C) Natural gas & Wave energy (D) Coal & Petroleum

118. What is the full form of BRI?

(A) Bank Reserve of India (B) Belt and Road Initiative Correct (C) Belt and Reserve of India (D) None of the above

119. Who gave the definition of Economics related to Material welfare?

(A) Alfred Marshall (B) Adam Smith Correct (C) A.C. Pigou (D) Samuelson

120. What was/were the major reasons to adopt new economic policy?

(A) Deficit in balance of payment Correct (B) Hike in inflation rate (C) Decrease in foreign exchange reserves (D) All of the above Correct

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