Question 61:

  • Which of the following metals is used to make objects appear shining?
    • (A) Copper 
    • (B) Iron
    • (C) Aluminium
    • (D) Chromium (This is the answer)

Question 62:

  • What is the full form of LED?
    • (A) Light Emitting Diode (This is the answer)
    • (B) Light Energy Diode
    • (C) Light Electric Diode
    • (D) None of these

Question 63:

  • Coating of which of the following metals is used for galvanisation?
    • (A) Aluminium
    • (B) Zinc (This is the answer)
    • (C) Copper
    • (D) Silver

Question 64:

  • Filament of a bulb glows, this happens due to which effect of current?
    • (A) The chemical effect of current
    • (B) The heating effect of current (This is the answer)
    • (C) The magnetic effect of current
    • (D) None of these

Question 65:

  • Which of the following is added to distilled water to make it conduct electricity?
    • (A) NaCl (This is the answer)
    • (B) Lemon Juice
    • (C) HCl
    • (D) All of the above

Question 66:

  • The process of depositing a thin layer of desired metal on another material by means of electricity is called?
    • (A) Electric current
    • (B) Electroplating (This is the answer)
    • (C) Electric bell
    • (D) None of these

Question 67:

  • Which of the following is a good conductor of electricity?
    • (A) Rubber
    • (B) Bakelite
    • (C) Graphite (This is the answer)
    • (D) P.V.C.

Question 68:

  • Which of the following processes is based on the principle of chemical effects of current?
    • (A) Distillation
    • (B) Crystallisation
    • (C) Electroplating (This is the answer)
    • (D) None of these

Question 69:

  • Which gas/gases are produced during the electric decomposition of water?
    • (A) Hydrogen
    • (B) Oxygen
    • (C) Both (A) and (B) (This is the answer)
    • (D) None of the above

Question 70:

  • Which of the following is an electrolyte?
    • (A) Glucose
    • (B) Salt (This is the answer)
    • (C) Honey
    • (D) Sugar

Question 71

  • The long journey aeroplanes fly in this zone of the atmosphere to save fuel.
    • (A) Troposphere
    • (B) Stratosphere (This is the answer)
    • (C) Mesosphere
    • (D) Thermosphere

Question 72

  • If the sliding friction between two surfaces is found to be 15N, then the static friction between those surfaces would be
    • (A) 10N
    • (B) 5N
    • (C) 20N (This is the answer)
    • (D) 7N

Question 73

  • An object is placed at 20 cm in front of a plane mirror. What is the distance of image from the object?
    • (A) 10 cm
    • (B) 20 cm (This is the answer)
    • (C) 30 cm
    • (D) 40 cm

Question 74

  • Which part of our eye controls the light entering into it?
    • (A) Retina
    • (B) Cornea
    • (C) Lens
    • (D) Iris (This is the answer)

Question 75

  • What is the value of angle 'r' in this diagram?

    • (A) 60°
    • (B) 90°
    • (C) 30° (This is the answer)
    • (D) 40°

Sure, based on the image you sent, here are all the MCQs and their answers:

Question 76

  • What is the cause of repulsion between two bodies?
    • (A) Magnetic Force (This is the answer)
    • (B) Gravitational Force
    • (C) Electrostatic Force
    • (D) Both (A) and (C)

Question 77

  • What should be the correct positions where the water should fall down from given outlets?

The image shows three outlets labeled P, Q, and R and a bucket labeled with the word पानी (paani) which means water in Hindi.

  • (A) R → B, Q → A, P → C
  • (B) R → A, Q → B, P → C (This is the answer)
  • (C) R → C, Q → B, P → A
  • (D) R → B, Q → C, P → A

Question 78

  • Loudness of sound depends upon:
    • (A) Amplitude (This is the answer)
    • (B) Wavelength
    • (C) Frequency
    • (D) Time Period

Question 79

  • Sound can never travel through:
    • (A) Air
    • (B) Solids (This is the answer)
    • (C) Water
    • (D) Vacuum

Question 80

  • An object oscillates 60 times in one second. Its frequency is:
    • (A) 30Hz
    • (B) 60Hz (This is the answer)
    • (C) 120Hz
    • (D) 20Hz

The image you sent is a page from a biology question paper in Hindi. Here are all the MCQs and their answers based on the image:

Question 81

  • Nitrogen fixing bacteria is present in the roots of which plant?

    • (A) Rice 
    • (B) Mustard
    • (C) Pea (This is the answer)
    • (D) Wheat

Question 82

  • The production of crops without using fertilisers is called....

    • (A) Organic Farming (This is the answer)
    • (B) Mixed Cropping
    • (C) Crop Rotation
    • (D) None of these

Question 83

  • Vaccines are made up of.

    • (A) Fungus
    • (B) Sodium benzoate
    • (C) Yeast
    • (D) Weak or dead micro-organisms (This is the answer)

Question 84

  • Which of the following diseases cured using antibiotics?

    • (A) AIDS
    • (B) Dengue
    • (C) Typhoid (This is the answer)
    • (D) Malaria

Question 85

  • The gas released during the preparation of bread is....

    • (A) Oxygen
    • (B) Carbon dioxide (This is the answer)
    • (C) Nitrogen
    • (D) Sulphur dioxide

Question 86:

  • International Biodiversity Day is celebrated on
    • (A) 21 March
    • (B) 17 June (This is the answer)
    • (C) 22 April
    • (D) 22 May

Question 87:

  • Red Data Book is a book which keeps a record of all the
    • (A) Endemic species
    • (B) Extinct species (This is the answer)
    • (C) Endangered species
    • (D) Vulnerable species

Question 88:

  • Which one of the following is a hermaphrodite?

    • (A) Earthworm
    • (B) Hydra (This is the answer)
    • (C) Amoeba
    • (D) Yeast

Question 89:

  • The stage of the embryo in which all the body parts can be identified is

    • (A) New born baby
    • (B) Sperm
    • (C) Foetus (This is the answer)
    • (D) Zygote

Question 90:

  • Which of the following hormone is produced by Pituitary gland?

    • (A) Insulin
    • (B) Oestrogen
    • (C) Growth hormone (This is the answer)
    • (D) Thyroxine

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