01. Who has been appointed as a Managing Director and CEO of National Assets Reconstruction Company Limited

Answer : Natarajan Sundar

02. The Border Coordination Conference between BSF India and BGBm Bangladesh was held in which city?

Answer : Sylhet

03. Who has become the first ever Indian to win a medal at the 2022 ICF Paracanoc World Cup held in Poznan, Poland

 Answer:  Prachi Yadav

04. Who has been appointed as the new director general of the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) 

  Answer: Zulfiquar Hasan

05. Which team has won the Gold medal in the Asia Cup Men's Hockey 2022

 Answer:   South Korea

06. Who has been appointed as a Director General of National Informatics Centre

Answer : Rajesh Gera

07. Who has won the "Man of the Match" trophy in 2022 Finalissima Championship at Wembley?

 Answer:   Lionel Messi

08. Which of the following Indian Institution has been ranked 42nd in the Times Higher Education 2022 Edition of the Asia University

Answer:  Indian Institute of Science

09. The Supercomputer "PARAM ANANTA" was inaugurated in which institute under the National Supercomputing Mission : 

Answer: IIT Gandhinagar

10. Under which article, the Supreme Court of India recently recognized sex workers as a "Profession"? 

Answer: Article 142

11. What is the Indian Air Force rank globally according to the World Directory of Modern Military Aircraft Global Air Power Rankings

Answer : 06th

12. Name the former Indian Cricketer who is set to continues as Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF for a record 20th Year

Answer : Sachin Tendulkar

13. What is the theme of Global Day of Parents 2022

Answer: Appreciate All Parents Throughout the World

14. Which state is the top Sugar producer of India in 2021-2022

Answer: Maharashtra

15. Which institution released the report titled "Tobacco: Poisoning our Planet"?

Answer: WHO

16. What is the Fiscal Deficit recorded in India for 2021-22 (In percentage of GDP)


17. As per the recent National Statistical Office update what is the GDP Growth estimate of India in 2021-22


18. What is the name of the campaign launched to ensure complete COVID-19 Vaccination

Answer: Har Ghar Dastak Campaign 2.0

19. Which State/UT launched e-stamping facility after abolishing physical stamp papers

Answer: Punjab

20. What is the name of the new model school proposed by the Union Education Ministry

Answer: PM Shri Schools


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