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Q1 If a charge particle moves perpendicular to a magnetic field, then, which of the following is true 

  • (a) Speed of the particle is changed.
  • (b) Speed of the particle remains unchanged.
  • (c) Direction of the particle remains unchanged.
  • (d) Acceleration of the particle remains unchanged.

  • (b) Speed of the particle remains unchanged.

Q2 The path of an electron in a uniform magnetic field may be

  • (a) Circular but not helical
  • (b) Helical but not circular
  • (c) Neither helical nor circular
  • (d) Either helical or circular

  • (d) Either helical or circular

Q3  Direction of magnetic field due to a current carrying circular coil can be determined by which rule?

  • (a) Right hand thumb  rule
  • (b) Right hand Rule
  • (c) Left  hand rule
  • (d) All of these 

  • (a) Right hand thumb  rule

Q4 An electric charge 'q' moves with a constant velocity 'v' parallel to the  uniform magnetic field 'B' , then force experienced by the charge is :

  • (a) qvB
  • (b) B/qV
  • (c) Zero 
  • (d) qv/B

  • (c) Zero; Force on a charged particle moving in magnetic field is qvBsinθ as charge is moving parallel θ =0 therefore F=0

Q5 A charge in  electric field always experience a force.

  • (a) True
  • (b) False

  • a)True 

Q6 A stationary charge does not experience any force in magnetic field.

  • (a) True
  • (b) False

  • (a) True

Q7 Electric field exerts force on both stationary and moving charges.

  • (a) True
  • (b) False

  • (a) True

Q8 The force is maximum, when the charge move ......... to the direction of magnetic field.

  • (a) `90^{0}`
  • (b) `45^{0}`
  • (c) parallel
  • (d) All of these

  • `90^{0}` ;   F = qvB Sinθ ,θ =`90^{0}` , F will be maximum

Q9.  Path of a charge moving inside a magnetic field in transverse direction will be

  • (a) Circular
  • (b) Rectangular
  • (c) Straight line
  • (d)  Parabolic

  • a) Circular

Q10 If a  charged particle  moves inside the magnetic field , magnitude of which quantity is not effected by the magnetic field

  • (a) Force
  • (b) Velocity
  • (c) Frequency
  • (d) Time period

  • (b) Velocity



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