Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Magnetic Effects of Current & Magnetism: MCQ ON SOLENOID



Q1 Magnetic field well inside the solenoid is...

  • (a)`B = μ_{0}`n I 
  • (b) `B⃗ = μ_{0}n I`
  • (c) `∮ B⃗ . dl ⃗⃗⃗ = μ_{0} I`
  • (d) `B. dl = μ_{0}`.

  • `B = μ_{0}`n I 

Q2 If charge enters the magnetic  field obliquely , then path  followed by it will be

  • (a) Helical
  • (b) Circular
  • (c) Hyperbolic
  • (d) Parabolic

  • (a) Helical

Q3  Cyclotron can accelerate

  • (a) ꞵ particle
  • (b) 𝜶 particle
  • (c) High velocity gamma rays
  • (d) High velocity X-rays

  • (b) 𝜶 particle

Q4 Angular frequency of a cyclotron is independent of

  • (a) speed
  • (b) mass
  • (c) magnetic field
  • (d) charge

  • (a) speed

Q5 Cyclotron can be used in

  • (a) particle therapy to treat cancer
  • (b) source of high energy beam for nuclear physics experiment
  • (c) produce short lived positron emitting isotopes for PET imaging
  • (d) all the above

  • (d) all the above

Q6 Cyclotron accelerates particles of mass ‘m’ and charge ‘q’ the energy of the particle emerging is proportional to

  • (a) `\frac{q^{2}}{m}`
  • (b) `\frac{q^{2}}{B}`
  • (c) `\frac{q}{m}`
  • (d) None of these

  • (a)  `\frac{q^{2}}{m}`

Q7 Cyclotron can not accelerate electrons

  • (a) True
  • (b) False

  • (a) True

Q8 A cyclotron is used to accelerate ....

  • (a) proton
  • (b) Neutron
  • (c) Alpha Particle
  • (d) Both a and c 

  • (d) Both a and c 

Q9.  The current -carrying loop inside the magnetic field rotate due to the

  • (a) Current acting on the coil
  • (b) Torque acting on the coil
  • (c) Couple acting on the coil
  • (d) Light acting on the coil

  • (b) Torque acting on the coil

Q10 If a  charged particle  moves inside the magnetic field , magnitude of which quantity is not effected by the magnetic field

  • (a) Time period
  • (b) Velocity
  • (c) Frequency
  • (d) All of these

  • (b) Velocity



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