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Q1 Which law define the heat produced by an electrical appliance?

  • (a) Coulomb’s Law 
  • (b) Kirchhoff’s law 
  • (c) Gauss Law
  • (d) Joule’s law of heating

  • (d) Joule’s law of heating

Q2 kWh is the unit of:

  • (a) Charge 
  • (b) Power 
  • (c) Electrical Energy 
  • (d) None

  • (c) Electrical Energy 

Q3  How much heat will be produced by a heater of 1200W in 1 minute?

  • (a) 72000J 
  • (b) 52000J 
  • (c) 1200J 
  • (d) 12000J

  • (a) 72000J 
Use the formula H= `I^{2}`Rt

Q4 How much current will be drawn by a motor of 5hp. from 220Vsupply?

  • (a) 18.8A 
  • (b) 16.95A 
  • (c) 5A 
  • (d) 20.7A

  • (b) 16.95A 
Use the formula of Power P =V/I
1 hp = 746Watt

Q5 Three bulbs 40W, 60W and 100W are connected in parallel and given 220V supply. Which bulb will draw more current?

  • (a) 40W bulb 
  • (b) 60W bulb 
  • (c) 100W bulb 
  • (d) None

  • b) 100W bulb 

Q6 Insulators also show Joule’s heating effect.(T/F)

  • a) True
  • b) False

  • b) False

Q7 Joule is the commercial unit of electrical power. (T/F)

  • a) True
  • b) False

  • b) False
The commercial unit of power is Horse Power 

Q8 The commercial unit of electric energy is ------------.

  • (a) Watt
  • (b) Joule
  • (c) KWh
  • (d) None of these

  • (c) kWh

Q9. which of the following is true about heating elements in heaters

  • a) have low resistivity and low melting point
  • b) have high resistivity and high melting point
  • c) have low resistivity and high melting point
  • d) have high resistivity and low melting point

  • b) have high resistivity and high melting point

Q10 Two electric bulbs of 40 W each connected in series.The power consumed by the combination will be

  • (a) 20W 
  • (b) 60W 
  • (c) 80W 
  • (d) 100W

  • (a) 20W 


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