Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Magnetic Effects of Current: Moving Charges and Magnetism


Q1 Who discovered  Magnetic effect of current ?

  • (a) Oersted 
  • (b) Faraday
  • (c) Bohr 
  • (d) Ampere

  • (a) Oersted 

Q2 Which instrument is used to detect presence of magnetic field

  • (a) Ammeter 
  • (b) Compass
  • (c) Galvanometer 
  • (d) Voltmeter

  • (b) Compass

Q3  A positive charge is moving perpendicular in a magnetic field which is directed towards north. The particle will be deflected towards

  • (a) East 
  • (b) north
  • (c) South 
  • (d) West

  • (d) Apply Right hand Rule

Q4 A charged particle  is moving with a uniform speed then it will produce 

  • (a) Only electric field 
  • (b) Only magnetic field
  • (c) Both electric and magnetic field
  • (d) Electromagnetic waves with electric and magnetic field

  • (c) Both electric and magnetic field

Q5 Force on a charged particle which is at rest in strong magnetic field will be 

  • (a) Maximum
  • (b) Zero
  • (c) Insufficient data  
  • (d) None

  • b) Zero

Q6 1 Tesla = ...Gauss

  • a) `10^{5}` Gauss
  • b) `10^{4}` Gauss
  • c) `10^{3}` Gauss
  • d) `10^{-4}` Gauss

  • b) `10^{4}` Gauss

Q7 Tesla is a unit of

  • (a) Electric flux 
  • (b) Magnetic flux
  • (c) Electric field 
  • (d) Magnetic field

  • (d) Magnetic field

Q8 How does the magnetic field due to Infinitely long current carrying conductor at a distance r from conductor depends 

  • (a) B∝r
  • (b) B∝`\frac{1}{r^{}}`
  • (c) B∝`\frac{1}{r^{2}}`
  • (d) None of these

  • (b) B∝1/r

Q9. The Dimensions of magnetic field are

  • a) `ML^{1}T^{-2}A^{-1}`
  • b) `ML^{0}T^{-2}A^{-1}`
  • c) `ML^{0}T^{-1}A^{-1}`
  • d) `ML^{0}T^{-2}A^{-2}`

  • b) `ML^{0}T^{-2}A^{-1}`

Q10 1 Gauss= .. Tesla

  • (a) `10^{5}`
  • (b) `10^{4}`
  • (c) `10^{3}`
  • (d) `10^{-4}`

  • (d) `10^{-4}`



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