Top 4 Small Cap Mutual Funds in 2023: Grow your wealth through SIPs

Top 4 Small Cap Mutual Funds in 2023: Grow your wealth through SIPs 

Top 4 Small Cap Mutual Funds in 2023

Top four small-cap mutual funds in India for the year 2023. These funds provided substantial returns to investors. Here’s a look at the top performers:

  • Quant Small Cap Fund: This fund ranked number one with a return of 75.9% over the last year. It has an AUM (Asset Under Management) of ₹15,664 crore.
  • Bandhan Small Cap Fund: This fund delivered a return of 74.2% to investors in the last year. It has an AUM of ₹4290 crore.
  • Mahindra Manulife Small Cap Fund: This fund secured the third position with a return of 73.6% over the last 12 months.
  • ITI Small Cap Fund: This fund came in fourth place with a return of 69.4%. It has an AUM of ₹2085 crore. 
  • You can Invest in all these funds in easy way and get growth of your money, read below. You can Invest in Mutual fund as low as rupees 500/- and high as 100000 Rupees.

How to invest in mutual funds 

SIP: The Secret Weapon for Effortless Mutual Fund Investing

Mutual funds are a fantastic way to grow your wealth, but for many, the idea of investing can feel overwhelming. This is where Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) come in - a secret weapon for effortless mutual fund investing. You can Invest in easy way through Ind Money App , complete the formalities and start investing, click here to download . You can Invest in share market buy gold and invest in mutual funds through this app.

What is an SIP?

An SIP allows you to invest a fixed amount in a chosen mutual fund scheme at regular intervals, typically monthly or quarterly. Think of it like a recurring deposit for mutual funds, but instead of a fixed return, you benefit from the potential growth of the stock market.

Why Choose SIP?

SIPs offer a multitude of benefits that make them perfect for almost any investor:

  • Rupee-Cost Averaging: The stock market fluctuates, and SIPs help you navigate this volatility. By investing at regular intervals, you purchase units at different price points, averaging out the cost per unit over time. This reduces the risk of investing a large sum at the wrong time.
  • Discipline and Habit Building: SIPs instill financial discipline by automating your investments. You set it up once, and the money gets deducted automatically, ensuring consistent wealth creation.
  • Start Small, Grow Big: SIPs allow you to begin investing with minimal amounts, as low as ₹500 in some cases. This makes them accessible to everyone, regardless of income level.
  • Power of Compounding: Regular investments through SIPs leverage the magic of compounding. Your returns grow on top of previous returns, accelerating your wealth accumulation over the long term.

Getting Started with SIPs

Investing through SIPs is a breeze. Here's a quick guide:

  1. Choose a Mutual Fund: Do your research and select a fund that aligns with your risk tolerance and financial goals.
  2. Pick an SIP Platform: Many platforms offer SIP investments, including investment advisors, online brokers, and directly through mutual fund companies.
  3. Set Up Your SIP: Decide on your investment amount, frequency (monthly, quarterly, etc.), and preferred date for the SIP to occur.
  4. Relax and Invest: The platform will handle the automatic deductions and investment into your chosen mutual fund. Start today 

SIPs are a powerful tool for anyone looking to build wealth gradually and effortlessly. With their convenience, affordability, and built-in risk management features, SIPs are a perfect entry point for beginners and a valuable strategy for seasoned investors alike.

Remember, this blog is for informational purposes only. Always consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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