LUDHIANA NEWS: DC appeals to people to not panic as situation is completely under control

 Administration assessing structural safety of bridges over Budha Dariya & Sutlej in Ludhiana- Surabhi Malik

DC appeals to people to not panic as situation is completely under control 

Ludhiana, July 12:

Deputy Commissioner Surabhi Malik on Wednesday said that the district administration was making safety assessment of all bridges over Budha Dariya and Sutlej river in the district to prevent any mishap.

The Deputy Commissioner, who made a whirlwind tour of several flood affected villages in Samrala, Macchiwara and Koom Kalan areas today, said that following the assessment, the bridges (puli’s), if found unsafe, will be closed temporary to avoid any mishap. She also asked the people to avoid visiting the bridges as well as flooded areas for the time being. 

The Deputy Commissioner further said that the water level of Buddha Dariya could rise for another day as the flood water from fields has now started moving into Budha Dariya. However, this is temporary in nature and hopefully it will get cleared in a day or two. She said that people of the areas falling near Budha Dariya would be moved to safer places. 

Malik said that people should not panic as the Punjab government led by Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann working round the clock to serve them by keeping a regular tab on the situation arising in the aftermath of the incessant rains across the state. 

She said that it was a natural calamity and will be tackled with the fulsome support and cooperation of people. She appealed to the people to not worry about anything as the administration is making sincere efforts to normalise the situation.

Upon her visit at village Keema Bhaini, the Deputy Commissioner appreciated the efforts of MGNREGA workers, who have been working tirelessly for doing flood protection earth work for strengthening the embankments.

She also visited the power sub stations in areas where incidents of water overflow have been reported and directed the officials to ensure uninterrupted power supply at all costs. 

She also interacted with the area residents and assured of all possible help. She assured that more than 50,000 sand bags will be available in the district by today evening that would be used for plugging overflows/breaches, if any.

To cater to the immediate need of the displaced/stranded residents of Ludhiana and Moga districts due to flooding, Verka Milk Plant Ludhiana has been entrusted to prepare food packets daily, as per the demand. Today, a total of around 900 Food Packets were dispatched today, which included 600 for Ludhiana West and 300 for Samrala sub divisions.

Deputy Commissioner Surabhi Malik said that in consonance with the announcement of the Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann to extend relief to the people affected by flooding, the packets of the food were being prepared in the Verka plant, here, for distribution in the flood affected parts of Ludhiana and Moga districts.

Malik said that each packet would have two packets of biscuits along with two bottles of water, two packets of dry milk, bread, pinni, spoons, cups, candles and matchsticks.

The Deputy Commissioner said that to complete this gigantic exercise, sufficient manpower has been deployed and senior officials are overseeing the arrangements for smooth completion. She said that the district administration would ensure maximum help could be given to the affected people.


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