MOCHA CYCLONE; Extremely-severe cyclonic storm "Mocha "crossed the coasts of northern Myanmar-southeast Bangladesh

 The extremely-severe cyclonic storm "Mocha" (pronounced as "mokha") crossed the coasts of northern Myanmar-southeast Bangladesh.*

The Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm "MOCHA" (pronounced as "MOHA") over Northeast Bay of Bengal moved north-northeastwards with a speed of 25 kmph during last 03 hours and lay over *North Myanmar-South East 180-190 km off Bangladesh coasts between Cox's Bazar (Bangladesh) and Kyawpyu (Myanmar) near north of Sittwe (Myanmar) near 20.25°N latitude and 92.75°E longitude as an Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm Crossed during 1230 hrs to 1430 hrs IST today, 14 May 2023 with maximum sustained surface wind speed of 210 kmph and gust of 210 kmph*

Today at 1430 IST on 14th May 2023 lay centered near Coastal Myanmar near latitude 20.5°N and longitude 92.9°E, about 40 km north of Sittwe (Myanmar) and 145 km southeast of Cox's Bazar (Bangladesh) is located. ,

Continuing with the weakening trend, it will further weaken into a very severe cyclonic storm during next 3 hours.

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