Which sector uses the largest amount of fresh water?

(a) Domestic (b) Industry (c) Agriculture (d) None of these

  • Ans. Agriculture

Swachh Bharat Mission-Grameen (SBM-G) was launched in:

(a) 2010 (b) 2012 (c) 2014 (d) 2016

  • Ans. 2014

Who is known as father of the Green Revolution?

(a) M.S Swaminathan (b) M.S. Randhawa

(c) M.S. Joshi (d) M.S. Krishna Murthy

  • Ans: M.S Swaminathan

Agriculture is ............... economic activity.

(a) Primary (b) Secondary (c) Tertiary (d) Quaternary

  • Ans: Primary

What is the percentage of total labour force engaged in Agriculture?

(a) 40% (b) 42% (c) 44% (d) 45%

  • Ans.44%

Primitive type of agriculture is:

(a) Subsistance Agriculture (b) Shifting Agriculture

(c) Extensive Agriculture (d) None of these

  • Ans. Subsistance Agriculture

HYV seeds stands for:

(a) High Yielding Variety seeds (b) Himamalyan Yielding Variety Seeds

(c) Humid Yellow Variety of seeds (d) None of these

  • Ans. High Yielding Variety of seeds

(a) Flooding in India (b) Revolution in milk production

(c) Revolution in poultry (d) Joining of rivers project

  • Ans. Revolution in milk production

Tea, Coffee & Tobbacco are:

(a) Cash Crops (b) Beverage crops (c) Food crops (d) Both a & b

  • Ans. Both a&b

World's largest Jute producing region is:

(a) Punjab plains (b) Kashmir valley (c) Tamilnadu ghats (d) Sundarbans

  • Ans. Sundarbans

Tarai region is associated with:

(a) Tea production (b) Tobbacco production

(c) Sugarcane production (d) Cotton production

  • Ans. Sugarcane production

Which of the following is not a characteristic of 'minerals'.

(a) Homogenous (b) Naturally occurring substance

(c) Definable internal structure (d) None of the above

  • Ans. None of the above

‘Ruhar valley' is a region in:

(a) Australia (b) Germany (c) Japan (d) India

  • Ans. Germany

Conventional energy resources are:

(a) Wind & Coal (b) Tides and Solar energy

(c) Natural gas & Wave energy (d) Coal & Petroleum

  • Ans. Coal & Petroleum

Mumbai high is a:-

(a) Hill station (b) Oil producing region

(c) Coal producing belt (d) Metro station

  • Ans. Oil producing region

Which one of the following industries uses limestone as a raw material ?

(a) Aluminium (b) Cement (c) Plastic (d) Automobile

Ans. Cement

Which one of the following agencies markets steel for the public sector plants?

(a) HAIL (b) SAIL (c) TATA Steel (d) MNCC


Which one of the following industries uses bauxite as a raw material?

(a) Aluminium Smelting (b) Cement (c) Paper (d) Steel

  • Ans. Aluminium Smelting

Which one of the following industries manufactures telephones, computer, etc.

(a) Steel (b) Aluminium Smelting (c) Electronic (d) lnformation Technology

  • Ans. Electronic

Monetary policy of the Government deals with:

(a) Income of the government (b) Expenditure of the government (c) Demand and Supply of Money (d) Balance of Payment

  • Ans: Demand and Supply of Money

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