Manufacturing sector is considered the ............... of development.

(a) Mind (b) Backbone (c) Energy (d) Body

  • Ans. Backbone 

How many Mega food parks have been sanctioned by the government?

(a) 40 (b) 42 (c) 45 (d) 48

Ans. 42

Full Form of BHEL is:

(a) Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited

(b) Bharat Heat Energy Limited

(c) Bhopal Hydrabad Energy Limited

(d) None of the above

  • Ans. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited

Sugar industry is:

(a) Raw material based industry (b) Agro based industry

(c) Heavy Industry (d) None of these

  • Ans. Agro based industry

Which two of the following extreme locations are connected by the east-west corridor?

(a) Mumbai and Nagpur (c) Mumbai and Kolkata

(b) Silchar and Porbandar (d) Nagpur and Siligudi

  • Ans. Silchar and Porbandar

Which mode of transportation reduces trans-shipment losses and delays?

(a) Railways (b) Pipeline (c) Roadways (d) Waterways

Ans. Pipeline

Which one of the following states is not connected with the H.V.J. pipeline?

(a) Madhya Pradesh (b) Gujarat (c) Maharashtra (d) Uttar Pradesh

Ans. Maharashtra

Which one of the following ports is the deepest land-locked and well protected port along the east coast?

(a) Chennai (b) Tuticorin (c) Paradwip (d) Vishakhapatnam

Ans. Vishakhapatnam

Which one of the following is the important modes of transportation in India?

(a) Pipelines (b) Roadways (c) Railways (d) Airways

  • Ans. Railways

Which one of the following terms is used to describe trade between two or more countries?

(a) Internal trade (b) External trade (c) International trade (d) Local trade

  • Ans. International trade

State Highways are constructed & maintained by:

(a) NHAI (b) PWD (c) Zila Parishad (d) Union Government

  • Ans. PWD

Width of the standard guage is:

(a) 1676 mm (b) 1435 mm (c) 1000mm (d) 1500 mm

  • Ans. 1435 mm

Biggest port of India is:

(a) Chennai (b) Haldia (c) Mumbai (d) Kandla

  • Ans. Mumbai

BRI stands for:

(a) Bank Reserve of India (b) Belt and Road Initiative (c) Belt and Reserve of India (d) None of these

  • Ans. Belt and Road Initiative

Wealth definition of Economics was given by:

(a) Alfred Marshall (b) Adam smith (c) A.C. Pigou (d) Samuelson

  • Ans: Adam smith

Material welfare definition of Economics was given by:

(a) Alfred Marshall (b) Adam Smith (c) A.C. Pigou (d) Samuelson

  • Ans: Alfred Marshall

What are the various sources of Public Debt?

(a) Internal Sources (b) External Sources (c) Both a and b (d) None of these

  • Ans: Both a and b

(a) Open Economy (b) Closed Economy (c)Private Economy (d) Free Economy

  • Ans: Open Economy

What is the present name given to ‘Sakala’ which was the capital of Punjab under Indo-Parthian rulers?

a) Lahore b) Delhi c) Sialkot d) Islamabad

  • Ans. Sialkot

In which two provinces was Punjab divided during the Mughal period?

a) Lahore and Peshawar b) Lahore and Islamabad

c) Lahore and Multan d) Lahore and Sialkot

  • Ans. Lahore and Multan

Which was Punjab's Eastern boundary during Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s period?

a) River Sutlej b) River Indus c) River Ghaggar d) River Beas

  • Ans. River Sutlej

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