LUDHIANA TEACHERS REGULATIONS: Happy atmosphere on the occasion of handing over the permanent appointment letters to the teachers in Ludhiana district

 The Government Senior Secondary School (GSSS) PAU in Ludhiana witnessed a momentous occasion as appointment letters were distributed to recently regularised teachers in the education department. The event took place after an inspiring live lecture delivered by the Honorable Chief Minister of Punjab, Mr. Bhagwant Singh Mann.

The distribution ceremony was held on the school computer lab and was attended by esteemed dignitaries and officials from the education department. 

Mrs. Balwinder Kaur - Principal, GSSS PAU welcomed Mrs. Dimpal Madaan - District Education Officer (SE), S. Baldev Singh - District Education Officer (PE), S. Jaswinder Singh - Deputy District Education Officer, Mr. Vishal Mittal - (MIS) Coordinator, Mr. Kulwant Singh Pandori - DM ICT, Mr. Vipun Paul Guru - BM ICT. 

The program commenced with a live lecture by the Honorable education minister S. Harjot Singh Bains followed by Chief Minister, Mr. Bhagwant Singh Mann, who emphasized the government's commitment to enhancing the education system in Punjab. He praised the efforts of teachers and highlighted their vital role in shaping the future of the state.

Following the motivational speech, the distribution of appointment letters to the recently regularised teachers began.

Principal Mrs. Balwinder Kaur expressed her heartfelt congratulations to the teachers and encouraged them to continue their passion for teaching and nurturing the young minds. She acknowledged the support of the education department and the government in recognizing the teachers' efforts.

District Education Officers (SE and PE), Mrs. Dimple Madan and S. Baldev Singh, respectively, commended the regularised teachers for their perseverance and commitment to their profession. They assured continued support and urged the teachers to maintain the high standards of education in Punjab.

The event concluded on a positive note, with the teachers expressing their gratitude to the government and the education department for providing them with this career-defining opportunity. 

It marks a significant step in strengthening the education system and ensuring a brighter future for the youth of the state.

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