30 December 2022

The legendary Brazilian football player Pele has passed away. When this news came out, there was a wave of mourning in the football world. Brazilian soccer legend Pele was 82 years old and had been suffering from cancer for a long time.

Pele's records on the football field will always be remembered. Pele has set many records in his career. Breaking these records seems very difficult.

Records made by the legendary soccer player Pele 

The record for winning the most World Cup titles is held by Brazilian player Pele. Brazil has won the World Cup title 5 times so far, in which the team became champions 3 times in the presence of Pele.

3 times Pele won the World Cup with his excellent performance

Pele has won 1958, 1962, 1970 World Cup with his excellent performance. It will not be easy for any other football player to win his team 3 times during his career.

Guinness record for most career goals

Pele scored 1283 goals in a total of 1361 matches in his career and for this reason his name is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. Pele also holds the record of scoring more than 100 goals in two years. He scored 127 goals in 1959 and 110 in 1961. He is the first and only player in the world to do so.

Pele is the player with the most hat-tricks in the world:

The record of the most hat-tricks is held by this Brazilian player Pele. Pele has scored the most hat-tricks in his football career with 92.

 The record for hat-tricks is second to Cristiano Ronaldo and third to Lionel Messi. Cristiano Ronaldo (60) and Lionel Messi (56) have scored hat-tricks.

 Brazil's best football club was Santos, which employed Pele to make his name shine around the world.Pele scored 643 goals in 656 matches for the Santos club. Santosh holds the record for the club's highest goals scored by a player and it is impossible for any new player to break his record. Pele started playing for Santos at the age of 15.