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Q1 When a bus suddenly takes a turn, the passengers are thrown outwards because of

  • (a) Inertia of direction 
  • (b) Inertia of motion
  • (c) Inertia of rest 
  • (d) Acceleration of motion

  • (a) Inertia of direction 

Q2 Two bodies of equal mass, one in motion and another is at rest, then which is correct for these bodies

  • (a) both possess no inertia
  • (b) both possess different inertia
  • (c) both have same inertia
  • (d) can’t say anything

  • (c) both have same inertia, because inertia is a factor of mass only and does not depend upon velocity


Q3  All the objects have inertia, whether they are moving or not.

  • (a) True
  • (d) False

  • (a) True

Q4 The mud guards over the wheel of car  is on the basis of inertia of rest.

  • (a) True
  • (d) False

  • (d) False  ; Due to  inertia of motion.

Q5  Inertia is a physical quantity.

  • a) True
  • b) False 

  • b)  False it is only a property of the body which depends on mass of the body)

Q6 When a horse at full gallop stops suddenly, the rider falls forward on account of

  • a) inertia of motion.
  • b) inertia of rest
  • c) inertia of direction
  • d) all of these 

  • a) inertia of motion.

Q7  A particle is moving with a constant speed along straight-line path. In which situation there is no need of force 

  • (a) Increase its speed 
  • (b) Decrease the momentum
  • (c) Change the direction 
  • (d) Keep it moving with uniform velocity

  • (d) Keep it moving with uniform velocity

Q8 Newton’s first law defines

  • (a) momentum and acceleration 
  • (b) inertia and force
  • (c) force and velocity 
  • (d) Momentum and energy

  • (b) inertia & force

Q9.  What causes the motion of a body which is initially in the state of rest?

  • (a) Force 
  • (b) Displacement
  • (c) Speed 
  • (d) Velocity

  • (a) Force 

Q10 Newton’s first law of motion is also called law of

  • a) Law of momentum
  • b) Law of Inertia
  • c) Law of conservation of energy
  • d) None of these

  • b) Law of Inertia


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