An Indian Festival
India is known for festivals. Diwali is one of the most famous Hindu festivals. On this day, Lord Rama returned from exile. On this day, people clean their houses and shops. They light their houses. They send greetings, sweets and presents to their near and dear ones. They worship goddess Lakshmi. Children explode crackers. Some people gamble on this day. It should not be practised.

Good Manners

Good manners oil the machine of life. They earn us respect. They give us inner joy and also keep others happy. The words like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ settle bitter quarrels. Good manners should be observed everywhere. We should respect our elders and be polite to the younger ones. We should talk less and listen more. We should learn to take turn and wait patiently in queue. Good behaviour is social and moral obligation. Bad manners create bitterness everywhere.


Life is not about remaining always busy in work. One wastes a lot of energy in over work. But it can be restored by leisure. One must enjoy the sights of nature. One should do some physical activity as well. It helps to stay fit. But busy-men miss all this. Moreover, overwork causes diseases of heart and brain. Leisure is very important in life. We must make the right use of leisure.

My Motherland

India is my motherland. She is also the motherland of many saints, sages and warriors. India is the oldest civilization. She is the biggest democracy in the world. India supports the world-peace. There is unity in diversity. India has made a great progress in the field of science also. She is now a nuclear power state. She is rich in heritage and natural resources. In its north, there are the Himalayas. The soil of India is very fertile. She has hard working people. They are peace-loving people. I am proud of my motherland.

Drug Addiction

Addiction to drugs is invitation of death. The youth is the most affected by this. They waste their precious energy and money to buy drugs. Sometimes they steal from their own homes. They become violent after taking drugs. They become criminal as they lose sense of good and bad. Government should take immediate steps needed to get rid of this problem.

Fashion among Students

Students are very particular about fashion. They ape actors and actresses. There is a competition among them to look smart. They visit health clubs and beauty-parlours every often. They go to boutiques to know about new fashion. They are conscious about their physical looks. They put on expensive clothes to look attractive. There is nothing wrong in the desire to look good and smart. But they should not devote all their time and energy to fashion.


Discipline means self-control. It is the back-bone of one’s character. It comes from the word ‘disciple’ which means a learner. It is very important or essential in every walk of life. Children learn discipline from their parents and elders. Students learn discipline from their teachers in schools. Soldiers follow whatever is commanded. Even the objects of Nature follow discipline. Life would become anarchy, if there is no discipline. There must be discipline in a classroom. Society must follow the discipline. Even in a playground, players must follow the discipline. There will be no progress, if there is no discipline. Discipline is, thus, important in life.

A Visit to a Wildlife Sanctuary

A sanctuary is a place where animals live in their natural habitat. I went to visit my uncle who is a tea planter in Assam. We went to a sanctuary named Kaziranga. It is the natural habitat of single–horn rhino. We mounted an elephant and passed through the tall grass. We also saw the rhino walking. Its single horn, thick skin and huge body attracted us. There were also bucks and birds of various kinds. We saw animals roaming freely and fearlessly. It was a very good experience.

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