A Scene at the Polling Booth

The Election Day was full of excitement this year. My school was also a polling centre. There was feverish activity at the booth. There was rush of votes near the polling booth. Cars and minibuses were used to bring candidates from homes. Free drinks and snacks were also offered to voters. In the booth, the polling officer enquired about the names of the voters and verified their identity cards. Before casting vote, ink mark was put on every voter’s left forefinger. The booth was closed at 5 in the evening.

Inauguration of the Computer Wing of Our School

New computer wing has been inaugurated by our worthy Principal of the school. He talked about the use of computer in modern education. He talked about using computers for maximising learning. It was a very interesting talk. Then we visited the new computer wing. It is going to help us a lot. We are curious to start using our new computers.

A Visit to a Book Fair

Last Sunday, I with my friends visited a book fair at District Library. It was a spectacle to watch. Many publishing houses displayed their books. I bought some books. In the afternoon, we had tea and snacks. There were many young boys and girls. Even small children were enthusiastic to see the books. I bought a book of short stories for my younger brother. We returned home happy and content.

An Aeroplane Crash

I was an eye witness to the airplane crash that happened at Jalandhar four years ago. I was going to market when I heard a big noise in the sky. I saw huge flames of fire. Suddenly I saw people running towards the bank. I also rushed towards the bank. The debris of a plane was scattered all over. Many people were dead and many were crying in pain. Within minutes the police party and a team of doctors and volunteers arrived. After this incident I was shocked and restless for days.

Science Fair in Our School

Yesterday, a science fair was organized in our school. It was inaugurated by District Education Officer. There were 40 items on display. Most of them were working models. The fair showed newness. Everyone was fascinated. The students explained their models with confidence. The students and teachers had worked hard. Everyone appreciated the efforts.

A Rainy Day

India faces many seasons. Rainy season is a major of them. It was the month of July last year. One day, it was very hot. All were longing for a shower of rain. In the evening, some dark clouds appeared in the sky. A cool breeze began. Soon the whole sky was covered with the clouds. A heavy rain started down. Streets and roads were flooded with water. Children came out and started playing in the rain. The rain stopped after two hours. The weather became pleasant. People enjoyed the rain.


Pollution is the greatest problem we face today. Air, water, food, everything is polluted. We ourselves are responsible for this. We destroy nature. We pollute our water sources. We pollute air with smoke of factories, vehicles, etc. We have no control on ourselves. Our governments should take strict steps to control it. There should be heavy fines over polluting nature. We should adopt simple living to avoid pollution.

An Ideal Citizen

An ideal citizen is an asset to the nation. A law abiding citizen is a real patriot. He has good civic sense. He is loyal to family, society and country. He makes proper use of his vote. He pays tax and believes in world peace. He works for the welfare and progress of his country. He fights against social evils. An ideal citizen is must for the prosperity of a country.

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