At midnight two little elves came dancing into the room. Both were wearing old and torn clothes. They sat down at the shoemaker's table. They began to stitch, sew and hammer so skillfully that the shoemaker was surprised. The elves finished the work and ran away.


  1. Who came into the room? (a) children (b) elves (c) men (d) shoemaker

  2. What were the elves wearing? (a) night dresses (b) bright clothes (c) old and torn clothes (d) coats and jackets

  3. Where did the elves sit? (a) on the floor (b) on the chair (c) at the shoemaker's table (d) on the sofa

  4. Who began to stitch, sew and hammer? (a) shoemaker (b) shoemaker's wife (c) elves (d) none of these

  5. Which of the following is not a plural? (a) elves (b) shoemaker's (c) clothes (d) none of these ░

Section B 

Read and tick the correct answer of the following questions:

TimingsMonday to FridaySaturday
City Bank9:00 AM to 5:00 PM9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

6.At what time will the bank close on Friday?

  • (a) 9:00 am
  • (b) 1:00 p.m.
  • (c) 5:00 p.m. (Correct)
  • (d) 2:00 p.m.
7.On which day will the bank close at 1:00 p.m.?
  • (a) Monday
  • (b) Friday 
  • (c) Saturday (Correct)
  • (d) All of these
8.For how many days will the bank open for the whole day?
  • (a) One
  • (b) Two
  • (c) Five (Correct)
  • (d) Four

Section C

9.Choose the correct option:

  • The dog is sitting on the table. 
    • (a) on (Correct)
    • (b) in
    • (c) under
    • (d) for
10.Choose the opposite of 'near':
  • (a) close
  • (b) far (Correct)
  • (c) away
  • (d) fast ░

Encircle the name of the dress hidden in the grid:

  • (a) coat
  • (b) jacket
  • (c) shirt
  • (d) frock

12.Odd one out:

  • (a) keyboard
  • (b) internet
  • (c) newspaper
  • (d) telephone

13.Choose the word where 'w' is silent:

  • (a) wall
  • (b) white
  • (c) wrong
  • (d) watch

14.Choose the incorrect pair:

  • (a) sea-see
  • (b) hour-our
  • (c) one-won
  • (d) tail-tell

15.Choose the incorrect statement:

  • (a) He is very busy.
  • (b) She is very busy.
  • (c) We are very busy. 
  • (d) My uncle is very busy.

16.Choose the incorrect option for a Noun:

  • (a) pond
  • (b) building
  • (c) healthy
  • (d) city

Section C

Choose the correct option:

  1. Rohan and _____ friend will play the match.

    • (a) him
    • (b) they 
    • (c) his
    • (d) their
  2. My friend has baked _____ cake for me.

    • (a) The
    • (b) an
    • (c) a 
    • (d) none of these
  3. Choose the correct statement:

    • (a) I visited today the bank.
    • (b) I today visited the bank.
    • (c) I visited the bank today. 
    • (d) I visit today the bank.
  4. Choose the adjective in the given sentence:

    • (a) on
    • (b) an
    • (c) old 
    • (d) the

Section D

Answer the following questions (any four):

  1. (i) Who are alike? (Child and Grandma)

(ii) How far was Milkha Singh's school from his home?

iii. How can we withdraw money on a holiday? 
iv. Who were angry with the British rule? 
v. When was Birbal born? 
vi. Why was Sonia sad? 
22.Write the names of Public places
23. (Make sentences for the given words) 
    * freedom
    * teacher
    * happy

24. Write two sentences for the given picture:

I) ......

25. Fill in the blanks with words given in the help box: 5 x 1=5

It play black Kalu faithful

  • This is my pet.
  • Its name is _____.
  • It is ____ in colour.
  • I ____ with it.
  • ____ is very ____.

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