1. How many significant figures does 6.0023 g/cm³ have?

    • (a) 1
    • (b) 5 Correct Answer
    • (c) 3
    • (d) 4
  2. The time period of a second's pendulum in a satellite is:

    • (a) zero 
    • (b) 2
    • (c) Infinity (Correct Answer)
    • (d) 1
  3. What are the dimensional formulae of work?

      • (a) ML²T⁻² (Correct Answer)
      • (b) MLT²
      • (c) ML²T⁻¹
      • (d) ML⁻¹T⁻² 
  4. How many nanometers are there in one meter?

    • (a) 10^-9m
    • (b) 10^9m
    • (c) 10 m Correct Answer
    • (d) None of these
  5. What is the magnitude of a null vector?

    • (a) 1
    • (b) 0 Correct Answer
    • (c) -1
    • (d) None of these
  6. How many dynes are equivalent to 1 Newton?

    • (a) 10dyne
    • (b) 10 ^-5 dyne (Correct Answer)
    • (c) 10 ^ 5 dyne 
    • (d) None of these
  7. Calculate the value of j x i?

    • (a) 1 
    • (b) -1 Correct Answer
    • (c) 0
    • (d) 2
  8. Velocity of an object can be:

    • (a) Positive
    • (b) Negative
    • (c) Zero
    • (d) All of these Correct Answer
  9. What is the unit of coefficient of limiting friction?

    • (a) Nm
    • (b) N 
    • (c) No units Correct Answer
    • (d) None of these
  10. How many watts are equivalent to 1 horsepower?

    • (a) 746 W Correct Answer
    • (b) 946 W
    • (c) 476 W
    • (d) 846 W 

11. Change velocity of 72 Km/hr into m/s

(d) 20 m/s Correct Answer

  • (a) 10 m/s
  • (b) 12 m/s
  • (c) 72 m/s

12. The weight of a body at the centre of earth is:

(a) Zero Correct Answer

  • (b) Same as earth
  • (c) Infinity
  • (d) None of these

13. What is dimensional formula of Torque?

(b) ML²T⁻²  Correct Answer

  • (a) ML²T²
  • (c) ML²T⁻¹
  • (d) ML⁻¹T⁻²

14. What is S.I unit of stress?

(c) N/m² Correct Answer

  • (a) Nm
  • (b) Nm²
  • (d) No units

15. What is the time period of a geostationary satellite?

(b) 24 hrs Correct Answer

  • (a) 18 hrs
  • (c) 2 days
  • (d) 12 hrs

16. What is the gravitational field strength of a planet, where weight of 60 kg astronaut is 300 N?

(a) 5 N/kg Correct Answer

  • (b) 50 N/kg
  • (c) 6 N/kg
  • (d) None of these

17. What is one bar of pressure?

(d)  10⁻⁵ N/m² Correct Answer

  • (a) 10 N/m²
  • (b) 10⁴ N/m²
  • (c) 110⁵ N/m²

18. Represent equation of an adiabatic process in term of T & V?

(a) TV⁽ʳ⁻¹⁾   Correct Answer

  • (b) T/V⁽ʳ⁻¹⁾
  • (c) TV
  • (d) None of these

19. The S.I unit of stress is:

(c) N/m² Correct Answer

  • (a) Nm
  • (b) Nm²
  • (d) No limits

20. If the amplitude of S.H.M is doubled, its time period?

(b) Remain Same  Correct Answer

  • (a) Become four times
  • (c) Phase length
  • (d) None of these

21. The number of degree of freedom of a molecule of a monoatomic gas will be:

(c)Correct Answer

  • (a) 2
  • (b) 1

22. What is the value of the universal gas constant (R)?

  • (a) 8.31 J/mol/K
  • (b) 83.14 J/mol/K

The answer is (a) 8.31 J/mol/K.

23. The distance between two consecutive points in the same phase in a wave is called:

(c) Wavelength

(a) Resonance length
(b) Phase length
(d) None of these

The answer is (c) Wavelength.

24. Transverse waves are produced on water surface .

  • (✓) True

25. Pressure is a vector quantity.

  • (✓) True

The answer is True.

26. S.I unit of 'g' is m/sec.

  • (X) False

The answer is False. The S.I unit of g (acceleration due to gravity) is m/s².

27. Newton's first law of motion is a real law of motion.

  • (x) True

The answer is False

28. The magnitude of a vector is always a scalar.

  • (✓) True

The answer is True. The magnitude of a vector refers to its length or size, and it is a scalar quantity.

2. Distinguish between distance and displacement?


What is the angle between a 2N force and 3 N force, so their resultant is 4N?

 3. What is impulse? Give one example. 


A 10 kg bullet is shot from a 5 kg gun with a speed 400 m/sec. What is the recoil speed of the gun?

4. Define moment of Inertia?

5. State Hooke's law?

6. Define work and give its units and dimension?

7. What are conditions for an adiabatic process to take place? OR

A Carnot engine has an efficiency of 0.8 when operated between TK and 900 K. Calculate the temperature of the sink?  

8. How can bats see in darkness? Explain. Or

State Avogadro's law?

9. State Newton's laws of motion? Why is the second law called the real law of motion?

 OR A force acts for 10 sec on a body of mass 10 kg after which the force ceases & the body described 50 m in the next 5 sec. Find the magnitude of the force?

10. State Kepler's laws of planetary motion? OR Define gravitational potential and hence derive expression for gravity effect with depth?

OR Define gravitational potential and hence derive expression for gravity effect with depth 

11.  Derive an expression for the potential energy of a stretched spring?

12. What is a simple pendulum? Show that the motion of a simple pendulum is S.H.M (Simple Harmonic Motion)?

13. Why is Cp greater than Cv? Prove Cp - Cv = R for an ideal gas?

14. Define Young's modulus, bulk modulus and modulus of rigidity?

State Stoke's law? Explain why steel is more elastic than rubber?



15. State Newton's law of gravitation and acceleration due to gravity? Derive relation between them? How does the acceleration due to gravity vary with height?

State and prove Bernoulli's theorem?


16. Discuss the elastic collision of two bodies in one dimension? Discuss special cases?

State Triangle law of vector addition? Give its analytical treatment to find the magnitude and direction of a resultant vector by using the law?



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