Write the central idea of the poem "Father Returning Home"

 'Father Returning Home' is a poem by Dilip Chitre. The poem is about the alienation of the so-called modern life. The poet talks about the separation of man from man in general and parents from children in particular. His father who has worked hard all his life for his children finds himself all alone. There is no one with whom he can talk. The contemporary man finds his existence pointless. He is neither spiritually nor emotionally fulfilled. 

 Write the central idea of the poem "The Road Not Taken The poem" 

'The Road Not Taken' by Robert Frost describes the dilemma of a person standing at the diversion. He is not sure which road he should choose. The road has been used as metaphor for journey of life. Every decision we make affects our life. We always find ourselves standing at cross roads. Once we have decided, we cannot go back. The path we don't choose becomes 'the road not taken'. 

Write the central idea of the poem " The Prayer of the Woods"

 In the poem 'The Prayer of the Woods' by anonymous, a tree speaks to the travellers who are passing through the forest. The tree makes them realise how useful it is to them. It counts the numerous benefits of trees in the man's life. In nutshell we can say that right from cradle to the grave, trees help us in every walk of life. So, the tree requests the man not to harm it. 

 Write the central idea of the poem " On Friendship" 

 In his poem 'On Friendship' Khalil Gibran says that a friend is a gift from God. He is your need answered. Beside a friend, we need not be formal. We can be ourselves. We can express ourselves freely without any hesitation. We are not bothered what the friend will say. Friends do not need words to communicate with each other. Friends guide each other. Friendship is more of a spiritual bond and both the souls are enriched by it. 

Write the central idea of the poem "The Echoing Green"

 The poem 'The Echoing Green' is written by William Blake. This poem is from his book 'Songs of Innocence'. The poet presents the contrast between innocence and experience. The innocent children play at the start of the day. It is the start of their life too. The old and experienced people watch them play. They remember their childhood. After sunset the children and the birds return back. The poem also shows a bond between nature and man.

 Write the central idea of the poem "Once Upon a Time"

 The phrase 'Once upon a Time' is used to talk of the past events particularly in fairy tales. In this poem Gabriel Okara wants to convey that honesty, simplicity and love for others have become a thing of the past. Nowadays people have become hypocrites. They can laugh without being happy. They can shake hands without feelings. The poet regrets all this and wants to unlearn it. He wants to be real and sincere once again

 Write the central idea of the poem "On His Blindness The poem"

 'On His Blindness' is a sonnet. John Milton is unable to understand what God expects of him now that he has become blind. He feels that his talent of writing poetry will be wasted. But later in the poem his conscience comes to his rescue. He realises that God does not want man to please him. He does not want return for his gifts. Those who accept His will are His real servants.

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